ILML (I Love My Life)

13 Dec

I love my life! I’m a natural born optimist, always looking to the sky thanking God for another day of life.  I feel that inner peace happy….where it can start raining and you want to dance in it…or your car breaks down and you get to spend time biking instead…lol ok that’d be way to happy but you get my drift. So I recently got a facebook and I’ve noticed a lot of people posting status’ about bad things that happen to them and then they add “FML”…in censored terms “Fudge My Life”. Lol I had to censor that because I never curse. I just never caught on to it so yea any ways I decided to post happy things that happen to me and then write “ILML”. I mean why dwell on the negative…people comment on it and draw more attention to it…like the news! So my goal this New Year? Focusing on the positive things in life! I made a list that I plan to follow:

1. Perform at an open mic night!
2. Learn a couple of songs on the guitar
3. Develop a new hobby…like kite flying….or boxing….or bellydancing?
4. Write my script ideas for movies!
5. Finish working on my website (this children’s book thing…more details to come!)
6. Volunteer
7. Go to the beach everyday…or just more days(lol)
8. Use my bike more!
9. Post more Youtube videos…and maybe show my face? lol
10. Go on a mini roadtrip
11. Take my dog to the dogpark at the beach!
12. Improve my Portuguese
Ok so I feel like its more official now that I wrote down all of my living life goals ha ha. Any who I am currently working on some Christmas gifts and listening to the 2nd best Christmas playlist (#1 being A Charlie Brown Christmas) and that is Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas”.
So beautiful! Here is the playlist:


Clinic – Bubblegum from Alasdair & Jock on Vimeo.

A song a friend shared with me that I can’t get enough of :



23 Aug

The countdown until my graduation begins this semester. I reminisce on all of the driving done back and forth to school, and think of all the things I learned in my car. It is the safe haven in which I break into dance, sing my heart out, or just think…think think and think. My morning trips usually consisted of the fresh aroma of coffee and the sound of NPR’s “Morning Edition”. My day had to start off this way…I just loved the combination of the smells and sounds as they reminded me of the rides to school with dad. Right after my dose of the daily news, I’d immediately switch to my Ipod starting with mellow songs and then progressing to the more upbeat and energetic ones as the caffeine kicked in (lol) Once in a while I would try to pop in a language CD, (amusing for a while but not that great) and one thing I only tried once was listening to a book on tape! It was the fastest way to take all of the magic from getting a new book and the accomplishment of getting one page closer to the end. I guess you could say I’m not a big “Nook” fan either lol I briefly mentioned breaking out in dance and have come up with different dance techniques that are safe enough to do while driving!

1. Raise the Roof- this is just a classic in itself. For this modified version keep at least ONE hand on the wheel. The other is free to dance in any interpretation of the music.
2. The Shimmy Shimmy- this classic shoulder dance is best done in the car while both hands are on the wheel. Feel free to move shoulders either forward and back or up and down. This move works best with disco numbers.
3. The Charlie Brown- leg dances can get tricky while driving. Do them with caution as you are driving a car. For this modified charlie brown basically move knees towards each other then out. If a full charlie brown is attempted, you will get in a car accident! At least one hand should be on the wheel while the other can make the criss cross motion above the knees.
4. The Night at the Roxbury- Can be interpreted as the exact move from the movie, or can alternate by just slightly moving the head side to side. Remember, eyes must remain on the road!
5. Tap Dancing- The picture can’t really explain the move. But it involves the fingers. You basically just tap away at your steering wheel. Drumming can also work with this dance move. Basically the safest dance move for beginners.
6. Hip Hop- This dance move is basically just slightly bouncing in your chair, or ‘hopping from your hips’. Butt must remain on the seat in order to be considered ‘safe’.
I consider car dancing a day time activity and this semester will be a little different since my schedule has moved into the late hours. I can’t specifically say why, but I feel so comfortable and happy and I guess nostalgic…for both past and future events (if that makes sense) while driving at night. It’s just that hopeful sense that the day has come to an end and everything I’ve ever wanted is here and will come and that I’m just a day closer to it. The closest word that could describe this feeling is in a different language…it’s “Saudade” which in Portuguese means a longing or fondness of past or future events. Usually NPR will play Jazz at night, which puts me in that “Saudade” mood, or I will usually just go to one of my playlist…this one has both old and new. Best heard on the highway as some songs may cause one to speed! lol

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No crap, just craft!

2 Jul

Beer enthusiast, the new alcoholic? Far from it! I’d chop my right hand off if I ever drink beer just to get drunk…I mean seriously! So this past weekend I was able to visit“The Distilerry” in Savannah, GA. There exists segretaion in this bar…like no other…they do not serve any kind of commercial beers…no Budweiser, Coors, not even Yuengling…this bar is serious business!!! Their motto, is NO CRAP, JUST CRAFT! I tried Allagash and Brooklyn Buzz bomb (honey) and a Moon River Ale. I particularly enjoyed the Allagash… I thought I was more of an ale type of gal but lately I’ve ben drawn to wheat beers. These pics are from

a little beer tasting a friend and I had. It was really fun because Whole Foods sells individual beers so
we made our own little pack! I wrote a whole bunch of notes down about them, and I have tasting book but its kind of hard to distinguish the specific taste i.e, fruityness? hoppyness? maltyness? I guess the key thing here
is to practice…yes, that’s a perfect excuse to keep drinking!
So I’ve been doing a little music soul searching and fell in music love with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Can one word describe a band? Warmth. Yes, nice and simple!

I was also recently introduced to Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Can I just say if I ever had to choose a genre to sing it would HAVE to be motown/funk/jazz! I mean seriously..its so much fun! And this particular video is pretty amazing, it’s filmed with old TV cameras bought off of Ebay!

Jack Nicholson now, or 1974?

3 Jun

Hurricane season just started and all of South Florida was made known of it by a good ole welcome from the rain. It poured like crazy but that didn’t stop me from running my errands…ok yes it did. So I thought it would be a good day to just stay in… grab a beer, order pizza and watch a Hitchcock film. Let me just add that I wasn’t just grabbing any beer…no this was a special beer. See, I’ve developed a bizarre fascination for beer (bizarre because I have no idea where it came from) and so I went out and bought Dogfish Indian Pale Beer and St. Bernardus’ Prior 8. I decided I would give the beer tasting world a shot. Here is how my review sheet looks like now(above) But please stop by in a couple of months to see my improvements lol While the rain poured down and the day grew dark I felt very at peace. Nothing like a good pizza, beer, and some Hitchcock (The Lady Vanishes 1938).
Ebay can be amazing and scary at the same time. It’s your go to for cheap buys, and what’s this… a virgin?? Lol I think this is the hundredth time I’ve heard someone auctioning off their virginity…rumors or facts?! However, Ebay redeems itself with its hidden treasures, one being this original Bell and Howell 780 automatic projector! AHHH! I know!
The seller also included some home films (8mm) that were treasures in themselves. The family that they belonged to were part of the military in 1962 so all of the films were shot in their different posts: Puerto Rico, Panama, Washington D.C. It was quiet amazing even some footage of Kennedy at the grave of the unknown soldier. It came in its original box with the original instructions, projector flash bulb, etc. Such a treasure, I don’t know how this guy let it go! Oh yea and did I mention it was only 30 bucks?
And this is my updated Zach Galifianakis picture for one of my friends…who loves cats lol

Some songs I’m currently obsessed with; the song “Vitamin C” is by a German band from the 70’s. I found this song in a recent Pedro Almodovar film and it blew my ears off. The style is called “Krautrock” which is basically a type of psychedelic-rock?? And then I added Hot Hot Heat just for old times sake.

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High school all over again, [and how to be cool this time].

1 Mar

So I was browsing through some Miami blogs and came across the Miami Bike Scene blog, which is totally amazing because I just got a bike!!! Any who they are having a really cool event called “Bike Prom” where you go and dress up and ride around town. I’m so excited and want to go (hint, hint) lol…This is high school all over again! Same situation minus the bike…
Things I did today: Cleaned my room while sipping on a lovely glass of wine, listened to some awesome tunes (Billie Holiday anyone?), while I was cleaning, I came across this list I made in class when I was super bored. If only I knew half the things on here in high school….ooooooo weeee!

“How to Be Cool”

  1. Wear a leather jacket no matter the occasion or weather.
  2. Hang a David Hasselholf poster in your room or mention his name at least once in conversation…ie, “Today I ran down the beach, like an earlier Hasselholf”, “Today my car started talking to me, like in Hasselhof’s Knight Rider”….
  3. Only listen to 97.3 the coast and change it whenever they play a non-80’s song
  4. Ge a tattoo of someones name, say you got it one night and don’t even know who it is
  5. Tell everyone you’ve met Cher
  6. Delete your last name from all public records…like Madonna
  7. Talk on your cellphone even when other people aren’t on the other line
  8. Watch Miami Vice re-runs for fashion tips
  9. Send yourself fan mail
  10. Befriend an ex-convict, or someone who looks the part
  11. Learn how to light a Zippo lighter with just one click
  12. Get a six pack airbrushed on your tummy
  13. Learn at least 1 Michael Jackson dance move
  14. Keep a cigarette on your ear, but never smoke it, smoking it may cause excess coolness!
  15. Learn “Life is a highway” on the guitar….

More interesting things I did today: Picnic on the beach with fam, Rustic pizza and Starbucks!

You know you love beer when…

27 Feb
A) You start singing before you drink it

B) You take pictures of it like you would a child
C) You taste it like you might a wine before drinking
D) You keep thinking about how great it was the next day….lol ok that’s too much
But what can I say, I’ve fallen in love. Specifically with St. Bernardus’ Apt12. Hmmmm. delishhh!
Just look at it!!!!Isn’t it adorable!?…They grow up so fast. And here’s a haiku about this beer:

Tall, dark and handsome,
Your aroma fills the air
As smooth as tea.

LOL Anyways besides taking pictures of beers and writing them poetry I took some pics of flowers:
Who knows I might go on to take cute calendar pics of dogs too….
Which one is the real one!?!?!?!?
That’s Mr. Winkles!!!…You can seriously become a millionaire for anything these days. Well that is all for now. Ciao!


5 Feb

No I’m not adding sequence to my jackets(for now)….I meant to say “Helio Sequence”! A new band I have been listening to that reminds me of A Band of Horses meets The Shins meets Arcade Fire? I like to think that they haven’t met and that they are their own band with their own style….yeah that’s what they are! Here’s a little playlist I put together. I called it 500 days of Mark a) Because I added “Sweat Disposition” which is on the soundtrack of 500 days of summer and b)I couldn’t find a season that was a guys name…Mark sounds like March that’s my reasoning. Yet, I don’t know any marks out there.

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Today I finished watching Nikita Mikhalkov’s “12”….ITS AMAZINGGGG!!! Despite the fact that I know how to properly give film criticisms, I lose all inhibitions of sounding eloquent or articulate when there is truly a movie that is awesome just because…lol It’s a rendition of Sidney Lumet’s “12 Angry Men” ft. Henry Fonda which is another classic if you haven’t seen. Nikita’s version offered an in-depth background story not only for the accused (the boy) but also for all 12 jurors in the trial. The film offered a couple of classic montage sequences “a la mode Russia”which was nice to see again. It highlighted the “Southern Caucus” culture of Russia as well as continuing social tensions between former communist Russia and the present representative democracy…pretty interesting I know! Speaking of communist, here’s a little video that made me laugh:

It’s a real video…(that’s apparent) I mean it was really made for a purpose…It was made in the late 60’s in order to scare high schoolers from attempting drugs. I don’t know if it really worked though…

This week I also watched “Coraline” and was inspired to make a button version of me:
1) Yes I drew this, but not on Paint like I usually do.
2)I just got the Corel Painter Painter X which is amazing! (Goodbye paint!)
3)I’m not that white lol

And to end this blog post I shall leave you with some thoughts I’ve been…thinking:

1) Nothing happens for a reason…EVERYTHING happens for a reason!
2) Read inspiring books…like Brenda Ueland’s “If You Want to Write”
3) Don’t underestimate the power of coincidences….I don’t know where I’m going with that…just that it supports my first note on life.
4) Stop and smell the flowers! Get off of the computer (The irony…) Leave your cellphone alone!
5) Count your blessings!

I was watching “Waltz with Bashir” (wow!) the other day and there’s a shot where classical music is playing while soldiers are walking through a forests…I tried looking up the song but this was the closest thing that I found: