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The snozzle berries taste like snozzle berries!

31 Dec

…Was the reaction of my sister upon seeing my newly acquired beer book. Oddly enough I found it at the library! Lol I actually was genuinely surprised to find this book amongst books at a place where you find books just because it looked so brand new and fresh and clean. After much thought and checking it out I decided that I was just going to buy it. It is one of the best pieces of literature I have ever laid eyes on. It is fully equipped with pictures, maps, history lessons, and ultimately….life lessons. While flipping through it a “Yard House” menu pamphlet fell out and I think its a sign–Like in the movie “Serendipity” when Kate Beckinsale writes her number in a book for John Cusack to find if destiny permits it!–And I think fate is trying to tell me that I need to try every beer they serve! These are some of the beers I have stumbled upon and must try:
And one day I’m going to wear this shirt while I read this book and listen to this song.
The other day I went on to check out some of their new free mp3’s. Its really a hit or miss situation because you cant preview the songs. Fortunately this time around I downloaded a decent batch which include:

1. French Navy- Camera Obscura
2. 1901- Phoenix
3. Can’t Get Over You- Vivian Girls
4. Meat Step Lively- Thee Oh Sees
5. Rainwater Cassette Exchange- Deerhunter
6. 40 Day Dream- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7. Wicked Blood- Sea Wolf

(BTW: These songs especially sound amazing while taking a walk on the beach)

Today my friend and only follower (Lol) showed me the most amazing videos by Keith Loutit. He creates movies using the tilt shift technique:

Hulkamania from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

So this is the last time I get to say goodnight to 2009!!!! GOOD NIGHTTTT!!!!! You were awesome but 2010 is going to be more awesome!!!!

And here’s that song I’ll be listening to while I read the beer book and wear the beer shirt and drink beer. These guys are amazing!! I got to see them live at the Parker Playhouse and it was the best live show I attended this year.


Merry Christmas!!!!!

25 Dec

I’m about to go to Mass and just wanted to post a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everybody has the most wonderful time with their families and loved ones. I also wanted to post this picture I made for Christmas:

Between two ferns…

And when you get tired of listening to Christmas music and are stuffed with food and need to burn some extra calories here is a little play list of songs I made that get me dancing:

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I’m not an elf, I’m just a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat…

22 Dec

The other day I went to a birthday celebration at “The News” lounge which was pretty neat-o. Betty Davis was being projected onto a wall while the DJ slipped in some MGMT and Phoenix. It was a nice place. It was very suave with a romantic ambiance created by lights streaming over the outside patio of the bar area. I was hanging with my best friend the whole time and basically we kept each other entertained by our everyday conversations and jokes. People insisted that we were either drunk or high but we were neither…only drunk on laughter and high on life!! Point being you don’t have to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to be in a altered state of mind…just breath air!…or get a best friend! Any who, while the night was coming to an end and we had our share of life experiences (such as seeing pimps at the local Denny’s and watching our waiter take a hit in the back corner) I started blabbering. Yes blabbering. Random thoughts kept on popping up in my head and I was mixing conversations with images and I think my friend called me an elf and I suddenly thought…Vulcan’s are like elves! And that’s when I responded “I’m not an elf, I’m a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat!” To demonstrate the similarity between an elf and a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat , I created this image using paint:Today I saw the worst shirt. It had a Christmas tree, a draddle, and a kinara (for Kwanza) and under it is said “As long as I get my Gifts”. First of all, I can’t imagine who would wear that…and then it made me think how politically correct the artist for the shirt was. They included every holiday tradition of the season. And then I started thinking about my Spock drawing and did not want anyone to feel left out, so here’s a little something for my Hanukkah celebrating friends:Unfortunately I do not know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa, but I hope there is someone out there who’d appreciate the diversity I am trying to create through the use of Spock. This is NOT to offend anyone its just meant to make my blog politically correct…
I love cute and nerdy shirts and found the most amazing one at Threadless (which was sold out!) I will hopefully post a blog about making the shirt I mentioned previously in my Martha post which reminds me of this shirt. Wow that was a run-on sentence…kind of like in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book…minus literary thought or inspiration. I had to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez while living overseas in Colombia. My experience in Colombia will come up often because it is a very pivotal point it my life and who I have come to be. I am half Colombian but I did not go there knowing Spanish. So I was the ‘gringa’. At first there was some bickering…like comments on my mixed race lol. It’s strange to say because its nothing compared to the bickering my mother had to go through as a child (being African-Colombian) but it was still impressionable. I now laugh at the bickering because it is so minuscule. Here is an example: I was walking towards the food court after school and two guys who were bothered by the fact that I wasn’t a blonde American came up to me and said “Do you know what the only difference between you and Bimbo?…He’s white and you’re not!” You may be asking…who is Bimbo? Well, he is the Spanish version of the Pillsbury dough boy….I was only really mad they thought that was the ONLY difference…Those reading my blog that have not seen my face must be thinking…wow this girl gets compared to bears a lot…first Ewoks now this!…I will conclude with the awesome sounds of “Miniature Birds” it is cutest video by Grand Archives:

Becoming a Professional Alcoholic at the age of 20

15 Dec

I am such a prude. Such a prude at everything else that everyone else is doing. I’m fine by it. I’m fine with the fact that I haven’t been wasted out of my mind or drunk as heck. That’s just me. Waiting it out. Waiting til it’s time. And that time is when I turn 21. Yes the big day is approaching and I’m making preparations in advance. No more sips here and there from my mothers fine wine, at last I will be able to take a gulp! No more rejection from the bouncer at the music club that I wanted to go to just to listen to the music. No more rejection from older guys that don’t dig younger girls who don’t drink…lol ok that hasn’t happened. Thanks to South Florida Beer Blog and Wine Enthusiast I will not only enjoy tasteful alcoholic drinks but I will know what to order when I get into DRB. Yes The Democratic Republic of Beer! 400…that’s right 400 beers from around the world…orld orld orld!!! (An echo usually follows after something awesome is announced) I read about this fine bar on South Florida Beer Blog and cannot wait to drink down the list of those beers. Not all at once, but I will get to them. Mark my word. I will not become an alcoholic in the process but hey I already feel like one now: I am inebriated by all of the descriptions of wine and beer I’ve read about in the magazines and the blog. I wake up with a pounding headache that seems to say “drink me now, drink me now”.
But this will pass and in a wee weeks I will be a woman…
Anyways today I met up with an old high school friend (now that I’ve revealed my age you’re probably thinking, old? you got out yesterday!) We spent time at the awesomeness of Iron Sushi where I enjoyed an amazing volcano roll and then we enjoyed a nice leisurely walk on Lincoln Rd (which was quiet busy for a Monday night) and after getting our free sample of peppermint bark chocolate at Ghirardelli we called it a night…then went to Borders. I like to keep it simple. I mean it was the best of events to do to catch up and what not. I hate it when people who haven’t seen each other in a while go to the movies. Like watching a two hour film is going to bring you closer!! Maybe after when you talk about it? I don’t know.

The other day me and friend bought these amazing boots. They make me feel so happy. Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” always plays in my head when I put them on. Kudos Urban Outfitters…kudos. I’ve been searching for some simple ankle boots suitable for the hotness of Miami and there they were…smiling upon me. Which is the name of the cutest Passion Pit song. I want to dedicate it to my future boyfriend (wherever you may be):

So tomorrow I am singing some Christmas carols with my ole’ dad for a little Christmas party in my hood. I am not nervous…now. And I really only have to solo it out for one song. It’s quiet beautiful. It reminds me of the scene in Charlie Brown when Linus tells the true meaning of Christmas :
I not only love this scene because of Linus’ truth but because of the dancing before it. I have come to memorize almost every characters moves and tend to use them in regular dance…true story. There is a shocking similarity between the way I dance and Jorma dances. So if you’ve ever wondered what I look like dancing in my room here is the closest thing to it:

This is basically proof that you CAN dance to a fleet foxes song if you try hard enough.

Thread this.

11 Dec

Yesterday I came up with the most spectacular idea for a shirt. And I was cogitating ways I could get my idea out. One of the ways could be through Etsy, which is self marketing, self promoting, etc. And then there’s Threadless. All you have to do is submit your design and if chosen you get paid $2,000 and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The only problem with the former is the amount they pay for your design. I think it is too low. Calculating the amount they print with the average price, $2,000 dollars is really only about 133 prints. I highly doubt they will only be making 133 prints of a shirt. So that’s one way I could go if I wanted fast cash…but not a great investment. I was thinking of writing Martha Stewart…and do a segment on how to make my shirt. That would be so cool because I’ve always wanted to put Martha in her place. She is a constant interrupter for when guests are explaining how to make their projects. It’s annoying but really funny. This is how it might go if I were invited:

Martha: Now, where do we even start with a project like this. I remember back when I made shirts for my daughter she would just love the laces around the collar and the cute animal shaped buttons…but I see we don’t have any of THOSE materials here

Me: Well we’re gonna start by taking a plain shirt. Then we are going to measure..

Martha: I see the cutting board here is to measure the sleeve length so it matches perfectly with the neckline

Me: Yea. YOU KNOW WHAT MARTHA!?, Take it!!…take all of these materials and make my shirt! I think you can do it better and I think the audience would love it!!


Me: PEACE! (As I proceed to exit Simple Minds “Dont you (forget about me)” starts to play and the I throw my fist up and shot freezes then cuts to commercials.
So that’s one of dreams I hope will come true. And working with Ace of Cakes because I do love making creative fondant designs on cupcakes:D

These are not my cupcake creations…they are designs I found a while ago on Google 😀

I was on Pitchfork today and found this video of an Atlas Sound recording in a hotel room. It is such a beautiful song. I remember he played it at “Stages” and I believe this was the one he said he had come up with while he was in Oregon? I am not an official blogger so I don’t care if my facts can’t be supported by fancy interviews or Wikipedia entries lol

So I bought a polaroid camera for $2 at the Thrift store!!! I was so excited…I just need to buy film now!! Any who its basically why I’m in a Polaroid pic mode with all these pics. I like the look…hopefully I’ll start posting real ones!

Ewoks and Pinkghost

10 Dec

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (aka when I was in high school) a boy came up to me and stared intently at my face, as if trying to figure out something in his head, and then said “you look like someone,…oh wait you look like an Ewok!” First of all, my sentiments towards Ewoks is pure joy because they are like the undomesticated versions of Snuggle bears but when I was told that I looked like one I naturally became offended! I mean really!? At least say that I look like someone else who is a human! However, I’ve come to see this ‘compliment’ in a different light once I reflected upon the true nature of these furry creatures. Ewoks, though small in stature, have a great amount of bravery. They are intuitive with nature and have a keen sense of curiosity. After all, they did help destroy the shield generator aiding in the destruction of the death star. Now how many people can say that? So, you know what, I’m glad that I look like an Ewok. I am so glad that I am not affected by high school…OH! and if you want to see the cutest thing ever click here.

I did not know that artists have Youtube channels and was surprised to find The Avett Brothers. Their channel is amazing. They have live recordings of themselves playing covers of songs they love and so it goes. They recently favorited a video of an up and coming singer named Samantha Crain. I love how her voice resonates that of classic folk sound:

Today I visited Pinkghost at their new store located in downtown Hollywood. It was very lovely and quaint. As I was browsing I came upon the most amazing USB flash drive. This Saturday they are having a three year anniversary party with a live band and what not. Unfortunately I am helping out at the Miami Music Festival…we’ll see how that goes. Speaking of The Office, (which is the only show I watch besides LOST) I watched a couple of season five episodes today and could not stop laughing at Micheal’s reaction to Toby’s return:

Snuggle Image
Ewok Image

I ♥ the sound of Yellow…

8 Dec

How much do I love my new iTunes purchase? Well a lot. “What Would I Want? Sky”, Animal Collectives new EP release is the musification of beauty and I cannot get enough of it. And yes I just made up that word. This song brings all that Animal Collective entails plus the refreshing sound of color. That actually reminds me of a short film director Toru Matsuura made which explored synesthesia. Basically when you can taste colors or hear food! Awesome, I know. Well this Animal Collective song made me think “this is what yellow must sound like”.Above image is a clip from Synesthesia.
Speaking of colors, today I went to Sweat Records for a free screening of “The Stella Shorts”. I almost cried from laughter at some of the skits. Others, were pretty funny ending in humor unbeknownst to me. This is Juxtapoz’ Poster Art book… I ended up looking through before the show. If you have ever listened to DJ Shadow, the cover will look familiar…
The other night I went to an Art Basel event, “STAGES”, a touring art show that is lead by Lance Armstrong. He was there, but I was interested in the art. No not the art on the wall…the one singing “Sheila”…Yes Atlas Sound!! Agh so amazing. I was able to meet Bradford Cox who is such a humble and genuinely nice person. He was just walking around the gallery like any other person, no one had really started talking to him so I decided to just go ahead and be a cheesy fan. It was so worth it! When he took stage (which was a little corner) everybody gathered around –but a lot of people seemed unfathomed by his genius playing…like they didn’t know the DJ stopped playing for the main act. I was able to stand a couple feet away and got some pictures with my cell phone:

Below is a video of Atlas Sound performing “Sheila”. It is said that he came up with the song live.