I ♥ the sound of Yellow…

8 Dec

How much do I love my new iTunes purchase? Well a lot. “What Would I Want? Sky”, Animal Collectives new EP release is the musification of beauty and I cannot get enough of it. And yes I just made up that word. This song brings all that Animal Collective entails plus the refreshing sound of color. That actually reminds me of a short film director Toru Matsuura made which explored synesthesia. Basically when you can taste colors or hear food! Awesome, I know. Well this Animal Collective song made me think “this is what yellow must sound like”.Above image is a clip from Synesthesia.
Speaking of colors, today I went to Sweat Records for a free screening of “The Stella Shorts”. I almost cried from laughter at some of the skits. Others, were pretty funny ending in humor unbeknownst to me. This is Juxtapoz’ Poster Art book… I ended up looking through before the show. If you have ever listened to DJ Shadow, the cover will look familiar…
The other night I went to an Art Basel event, “STAGES”, a touring art show that is lead by Lance Armstrong. He was there, but I was interested in the art. No not the art on the wall…the one singing “Sheila”…Yes Atlas Sound!! Agh so amazing. I was able to meet Bradford Cox who is such a humble and genuinely nice person. He was just walking around the gallery like any other person, no one had really started talking to him so I decided to just go ahead and be a cheesy fan. It was so worth it! When he took stage (which was a little corner) everybody gathered around –but a lot of people seemed unfathomed by his genius playing…like they didn’t know the DJ stopped playing for the main act. I was able to stand a couple feet away and got some pictures with my cell phone:

Below is a video of Atlas Sound performing “Sheila”. It is said that he came up with the song live.

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