Ewoks and Pinkghost

10 Dec

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (aka when I was in high school) a boy came up to me and stared intently at my face, as if trying to figure out something in his head, and then said “you look like someone,…oh wait you look like an Ewok!” First of all, my sentiments towards Ewoks is pure joy because they are like the undomesticated versions of Snuggle bears but when I was told that I looked like one I naturally became offended! I mean really!? At least say that I look like someone else who is a human! However, I’ve come to see this ‘compliment’ in a different light once I reflected upon the true nature of these furry creatures. Ewoks, though small in stature, have a great amount of bravery. They are intuitive with nature and have a keen sense of curiosity. After all, they did help destroy the shield generator aiding in the destruction of the death star. Now how many people can say that? So, you know what, I’m glad that I look like an Ewok. I am so glad that I am not affected by high school…OH! and if you want to see the cutest thing ever click here.

I did not know that artists have Youtube channels and was surprised to find The Avett Brothers. Their channel is amazing. They have live recordings of themselves playing covers of songs they love and so it goes. They recently favorited a video of an up and coming singer named Samantha Crain. I love how her voice resonates that of classic folk sound:

Today I visited Pinkghost at their new store located in downtown Hollywood. It was very lovely and quaint. As I was browsing I came upon the most amazing USB flash drive. This Saturday they are having a three year anniversary party with a live band and what not. Unfortunately I am helping out at the Miami Music Festival…we’ll see how that goes. Speaking of The Office, (which is the only show I watch besides LOST) I watched a couple of season five episodes today and could not stop laughing at Micheal’s reaction to Toby’s return:

Snuggle Image
Ewok Image


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