Thread this.

11 Dec

Yesterday I came up with the most spectacular idea for a shirt. And I was cogitating ways I could get my idea out. One of the ways could be through Etsy, which is self marketing, self promoting, etc. And then there’s Threadless. All you have to do is submit your design and if chosen you get paid $2,000 and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The only problem with the former is the amount they pay for your design. I think it is too low. Calculating the amount they print with the average price, $2,000 dollars is really only about 133 prints. I highly doubt they will only be making 133 prints of a shirt. So that’s one way I could go if I wanted fast cash…but not a great investment. I was thinking of writing Martha Stewart…and do a segment on how to make my shirt. That would be so cool because I’ve always wanted to put Martha in her place. She is a constant interrupter for when guests are explaining how to make their projects. It’s annoying but really funny. This is how it might go if I were invited:

Martha: Now, where do we even start with a project like this. I remember back when I made shirts for my daughter she would just love the laces around the collar and the cute animal shaped buttons…but I see we don’t have any of THOSE materials here

Me: Well we’re gonna start by taking a plain shirt. Then we are going to measure..

Martha: I see the cutting board here is to measure the sleeve length so it matches perfectly with the neckline

Me: Yea. YOU KNOW WHAT MARTHA!?, Take it!!…take all of these materials and make my shirt! I think you can do it better and I think the audience would love it!!


Me: PEACE! (As I proceed to exit Simple Minds “Dont you (forget about me)” starts to play and the I throw my fist up and shot freezes then cuts to commercials.
So that’s one of dreams I hope will come true. And working with Ace of Cakes because I do love making creative fondant designs on cupcakes:D

These are not my cupcake creations…they are designs I found a while ago on Google 😀

I was on Pitchfork today and found this video of an Atlas Sound recording in a hotel room. It is such a beautiful song. I remember he played it at “Stages” and I believe this was the one he said he had come up with while he was in Oregon? I am not an official blogger so I don’t care if my facts can’t be supported by fancy interviews or Wikipedia entries lol

So I bought a polaroid camera for $2 at the Thrift store!!! I was so excited…I just need to buy film now!! Any who its basically why I’m in a Polaroid pic mode with all these pics. I like the look…hopefully I’ll start posting real ones!


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