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Lets Laugh More this year…or else?

16 Jan

Which of the following is a laugh?

c)Ha ha ha
d)Hardy Har Har
e)He he he te he te he

It’s a trick! All of them are! Even the one that people use when they think they are going to take over the world! I was just refelcting on laughter the other day. It’s so amazing. It’s like a spontaneous combustion of joy just fluttering out of our bodies in the form of sound waves. It’s joy, happiness, bonding, breaks awkward silences, creates awkward silences, and reveals a part of yourself. I feel that laughter is a way for your soul to be heard by others. It is fears counterpart! I feel that laughter can be misrepresented through cyberspace and other technologies. I always text sarcastic things and am forced to say “LOL” or “Haha” when in reality those are false representations of all the energy I actually put into my laughter. And don’t get me started on forced laughs! What a waste of energy! In a recent unreliable study about laughter it stated that children laugh like a hundred times more a day than adults. And another study suggested that laughter protects your heart from heart attacks! So…laugh…or die! LOL I make my self laugh a lot…its mostly pity laughs when other people don’t laugh at my jokes…HAHAHAHAH! That was real! Even if I am having a bad day I always try to find something funny out of it…that only works sometimes though…like if you get pulled over by a cop and think “this is just my luck…oh well i’ll just start laughing” then the police officer will double your fine and suggests medical attention.

– Don’t feel embarrassed by the sound of your laughter…if anything it will make other people laugh too!

-Always laugh when you feel the need to! Don’t hold it back! Even if you are the only one laughing in a big auditorium where no one else is laughing at the side comments your professor is making (this has happened to me too many times before). Only hold back if its at the expense of someone else that may get hurt or offended…because laughter is meant to work towards the good of humanity!

-Laugh with other people! It increases the duration of the laughter and instantly serves as a bonding moment with other people…even strangers!

-Laugh everyday and try to find ways you can laugh more! Go to a local comedy club, visit comedians sites look up ridiculous viral videos or read funny books!

So anywho random, there’s this thing called “Holy Laughter” and its so amazing. Its when someone is prayed over and they start laughing? I witnessed people laughing their butts off and their faces just illuminated with pure joy and happiness. I wanted to laugh with them and feel what they were feeling! In those moments when you laugh uncontrollably all worries and negative thoughts vaporize and are replaced with a feeling of hope and desire to live without fear. So that’s one of the things I am going to do more of…which will be a lot because I laugh at everything anyways…HAPPY LAUGHING!