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You know you love beer when…

27 Feb
A) You start singing before you drink it

B) You take pictures of it like you would a child
C) You taste it like you might a wine before drinking
D) You keep thinking about how great it was the next day….lol ok that’s too much
But what can I say, I’ve fallen in love. Specifically with St. Bernardus’ Apt12. Hmmmm. delishhh!
Just look at it!!!!Isn’t it adorable!?…They grow up so fast. And here’s a haiku about this beer:

Tall, dark and handsome,
Your aroma fills the air
As smooth as tea.

LOL Anyways besides taking pictures of beers and writing them poetry I took some pics of flowers:
Who knows I might go on to take cute calendar pics of dogs too….
Which one is the real one!?!?!?!?
That’s Mr. Winkles!!!…You can seriously become a millionaire for anything these days. Well that is all for now. Ciao!



5 Feb

No I’m not adding sequence to my jackets(for now)….I meant to say “Helio Sequence”! A new band I have been listening to that reminds me of A Band of Horses meets The Shins meets Arcade Fire? I like to think that they haven’t met and that they are their own band with their own style….yeah that’s what they are! Here’s a little playlist I put together. I called it 500 days of Mark a) Because I added “Sweat Disposition” which is on the soundtrack of 500 days of summer and b)I couldn’t find a season that was a guys name…Mark sounds like March that’s my reasoning. Yet, I don’t know any marks out there.

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Today I finished watching Nikita Mikhalkov’s “12”….ITS AMAZINGGGG!!! Despite the fact that I know how to properly give film criticisms, I lose all inhibitions of sounding eloquent or articulate when there is truly a movie that is awesome just because…lol It’s a rendition of Sidney Lumet’s “12 Angry Men” ft. Henry Fonda which is another classic if you haven’t seen. Nikita’s version offered an in-depth background story not only for the accused (the boy) but also for all 12 jurors in the trial. The film offered a couple of classic montage sequences “a la mode Russia”which was nice to see again. It highlighted the “Southern Caucus” culture of Russia as well as continuing social tensions between former communist Russia and the present representative democracy…pretty interesting I know! Speaking of communist, here’s a little video that made me laugh:

It’s a real video…(that’s apparent) I mean it was really made for a purpose…It was made in the late 60’s in order to scare high schoolers from attempting drugs. I don’t know if it really worked though…

This week I also watched “Coraline” and was inspired to make a button version of me:
1) Yes I drew this, but not on Paint like I usually do.
2)I just got the Corel Painter Painter X which is amazing! (Goodbye paint!)
3)I’m not that white lol

And to end this blog post I shall leave you with some thoughts I’ve been…thinking:

1) Nothing happens for a reason…EVERYTHING happens for a reason!
2) Read inspiring books…like Brenda Ueland’s “If You Want to Write”
3) Don’t underestimate the power of coincidences….I don’t know where I’m going with that…just that it supports my first note on life.
4) Stop and smell the flowers! Get off of the computer (The irony…) Leave your cellphone alone!
5) Count your blessings!

I was watching “Waltz with Bashir” (wow!) the other day and there’s a shot where classical music is playing while soldiers are walking through a forests…I tried looking up the song but this was the closest thing that I found: