High school all over again, [and how to be cool this time].

1 Mar

So I was browsing through some Miami blogs and came across the Miami Bike Scene blog, which is totally amazing because I just got a bike!!! Any who they are having a really cool event called “Bike Prom” where you go and dress up and ride around town. I’m so excited and want to go (hint, hint) lol…This is high school all over again! Same situation minus the bike…
Things I did today: Cleaned my room while sipping on a lovely glass of wine, listened to some awesome tunes (Billie Holiday anyone?), while I was cleaning, I came across this list I made in class when I was super bored. If only I knew half the things on here in high school….ooooooo weeee!

“How to Be Cool”

  1. Wear a leather jacket no matter the occasion or weather.
  2. Hang a David Hasselholf poster in your room or mention his name at least once in conversation…ie, “Today I ran down the beach, like an earlier Hasselholf”, “Today my car started talking to me, like in Hasselhof’s Knight Rider”….
  3. Only listen to 97.3 the coast and change it whenever they play a non-80’s song
  4. Ge a tattoo of someones name, say you got it one night and don’t even know who it is
  5. Tell everyone you’ve met Cher
  6. Delete your last name from all public records…like Madonna
  7. Talk on your cellphone even when other people aren’t on the other line
  8. Watch Miami Vice re-runs for fashion tips
  9. Send yourself fan mail
  10. Befriend an ex-convict, or someone who looks the part
  11. Learn how to light a Zippo lighter with just one click
  12. Get a six pack airbrushed on your tummy
  13. Learn at least 1 Michael Jackson dance move
  14. Keep a cigarette on your ear, but never smoke it, smoking it may cause excess coolness!
  15. Learn “Life is a highway” on the guitar….

More interesting things I did today: Picnic on the beach with fam, Rustic pizza and Starbucks!


3 Responses to “High school all over again, [and how to be cool this time].”

  1. Jackie March 3, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    I leerrrvv youuuuand your pictures!

  2. Miami Nate May 28, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    urrr 1 item you forgot to mention was, Through a fake mustache party… (now that's a room full of awesomeness)

  3. This is my blog. June 3, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    You are so right! I totally agree I don't know how that slipped from the list.

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