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No crap, just craft!

2 Jul

Beer enthusiast, the new alcoholic? Far from it! I’d chop my right hand off if I ever drink beer just to get drunk…I mean seriously! So this past weekend I was able to visit“The Distilerry” in Savannah, GA. There exists segretaion in this bar…like no other…they do not serve any kind of commercial beers…no Budweiser, Coors, not even Yuengling…this bar is serious business!!! Their motto, is NO CRAP, JUST CRAFT! I tried Allagash and Brooklyn Buzz bomb (honey) and a Moon River Ale. I particularly enjoyed the Allagash… I thought I was more of an ale type of gal but lately I’ve ben drawn to wheat beers. These pics are from

a little beer tasting a friend and I had. It was really fun because Whole Foods sells individual beers so
we made our own little pack! I wrote a whole bunch of notes down about them, and I have tasting book but its kind of hard to distinguish the specific taste i.e, fruityness? hoppyness? maltyness? I guess the key thing here
is to practice…yes, that’s a perfect excuse to keep drinking!
So I’ve been doing a little music soul searching and fell in music love with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Can one word describe a band? Warmth. Yes, nice and simple!

I was also recently introduced to Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Can I just say if I ever had to choose a genre to sing it would HAVE to be motown/funk/jazz! I mean seriously..its so much fun! And this particular video is pretty amazing, it’s filmed with old TV cameras bought off of Ebay!