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ILML (I Love My Life)

13 Dec

I love my life! I’m a natural born optimist, always looking to the sky thanking God for another day of life.  I feel that inner peace happy….where it can start raining and you want to dance in it…or your car breaks down and you get to spend time biking instead…lol ok that’d be way to happy but you get my drift. So I recently got a facebook and I’ve noticed a lot of people posting status’ about bad things that happen to them and then they add “FML”…in censored terms “Fudge My Life”. Lol I had to censor that because I never curse. I just never caught on to it so yea any ways I decided to post happy things that happen to me and then write “ILML”. I mean why dwell on the negative…people comment on it and draw more attention to it…like the news! So my goal this New Year? Focusing on the positive things in life! I made a list that I plan to follow:

1. Perform at an open mic night!
2. Learn a couple of songs on the guitar
3. Develop a new hobby…like kite flying….or boxing….or bellydancing?
4. Write my script ideas for movies!
5. Finish working on my website (this children’s book thing…more details to come!)
6. Volunteer
7. Go to the beach everyday…or just more days(lol)
8. Use my bike more!
9. Post more Youtube videos…and maybe show my face? lol
10. Go on a mini roadtrip
11. Take my dog to the dogpark at the beach!
12. Improve my Portuguese
Ok so I feel like its more official now that I wrote down all of my living life goals ha ha. Any who I am currently working on some Christmas gifts and listening to the 2nd best Christmas playlist (#1 being A Charlie Brown Christmas) and that is Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas”.
So beautiful! Here is the playlist:


Clinic – Bubblegum from Alasdair & Jock on Vimeo.

A song a friend shared with me that I can’t get enough of :