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Becoming a Professional Alcoholic at the age of 20

15 Dec

I am such a prude. Such a prude at everything else that everyone else is doing. I’m fine by it. I’m fine with the fact that I haven’t been wasted out of my mind or drunk as heck. That’s just me. Waiting it out. Waiting til it’s time. And that time is when I turn 21. Yes the big day is approaching and I’m making preparations in advance. No more sips here and there from my mothers fine wine, at last I will be able to take a gulp! No more rejection from the bouncer at the music club that I wanted to go to just to listen to the music. No more rejection from older guys that don’t dig younger girls who don’t drink…lol ok that hasn’t happened. Thanks to South Florida Beer Blog and Wine Enthusiast I will not only enjoy tasteful alcoholic drinks but I will know what to order when I get into DRB. Yes The Democratic Republic of Beer! 400…that’s right 400 beers from around the world…orld orld orld!!! (An echo usually follows after something awesome is announced) I read about this fine bar on South Florida Beer Blog and cannot wait to drink down the list of those beers. Not all at once, but I will get to them. Mark my word. I will not become an alcoholic in the process but hey I already feel like one now: I am inebriated by all of the descriptions of wine and beer I’ve read about in the magazines and the blog. I wake up with a pounding headache that seems to say “drink me now, drink me now”.
But this will pass and in a wee weeks I will be a woman…
Anyways today I met up with an old high school friend (now that I’ve revealed my age you’re probably thinking, old? you got out yesterday!) We spent time at the awesomeness of Iron Sushi where I enjoyed an amazing volcano roll and then we enjoyed a nice leisurely walk on Lincoln Rd (which was quiet busy for a Monday night) and after getting our free sample of peppermint bark chocolate at Ghirardelli we called it a night…then went to Borders. I like to keep it simple. I mean it was the best of events to do to catch up and what not. I hate it when people who haven’t seen each other in a while go to the movies. Like watching a two hour film is going to bring you closer!! Maybe after when you talk about it? I don’t know.

The other day me and friend bought these amazing boots. They make me feel so happy. Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” always plays in my head when I put them on. Kudos Urban Outfitters…kudos. I’ve been searching for some simple ankle boots suitable for the hotness of Miami and there they were…smiling upon me. Which is the name of the cutest Passion Pit song. I want to dedicate it to my future boyfriend (wherever you may be):

So tomorrow I am singing some Christmas carols with my ole’ dad for a little Christmas party in my hood. I am not nervous…now. And I really only have to solo it out for one song. It’s quiet beautiful. It reminds me of the scene in Charlie Brown when Linus tells the true meaning of Christmas :
I not only love this scene because of Linus’ truth but because of the dancing before it. I have come to memorize almost every characters moves and tend to use them in regular dance…true story. There is a shocking similarity between the way I dance and Jorma dances. So if you’ve ever wondered what I look like dancing in my room here is the closest thing to it:

This is basically proof that you CAN dance to a fleet foxes song if you try hard enough.


Opening Pandora and finding Christmas

7 Dec

Today I decided to wrap my Christmas presents because I felt cheery and in the moood. So I decided to listen to some mood music while wrapping the presents. Except listening to Kenny G’s “Every time I Close My Eyes” while wrapping presents made my wrapping paper do this:

and then switching to Barry White just made my wrapping paper strip itself…ok enough with the jokes…or the attempted jokes lol what I really did was go on my Pandora and created a radio station based on Vince Guaraldi’s Christmas song “Skating”. I love this song and was able to learn it on the Piano which was a triumphant task for me because I thought it sounded quiet complex. Speaking of Barry White, listening to his song “Can’t get enough of Your Love Babe” made me think…can you listen to these love songs while you’re single?! I mean, I feel that this song would sound so much better while dancing with someone you love. I felt that dancing by myself to this song would just make me feel like I was in a romantic comedy where the single girl starts dancing and then the door bell rings but the girl can’t hear it and so the guy in the movie (her crush) decides “Hey this door is unlocked let me just walk in” and then while she is dancing crazy he walks in and she’s sOOOOO embarrassed!!!!!! Oh man being a film major makes you think of these things. Kind of reminds me of the scene from Love Actually when Hugh Grant starts dancing to “Jump” oh classic. The video below is in French. I don’t know why.

I’m excited because I have plans for Monday. I found out that Sweat Records is going to host a screening of “The Stella Shorts” including a personalized message from the group “The State”!
What I’m really excited about though is how close i’ll be to Verdaddy’s. What!? You haven’t heard!? Its the best fast food Mexican restaurant on Biscayne blvd! Introduced to me by a fellow fan, it is a small ‘mom and pop’ shop owned by a ‘pop’ that is really just a ‘man’ because I don’t think he’s a father where he combines his Mexican acquired cooking skills with reasonable prices minus the degraded dog food meat Taco Bell offers (no offense degraded dog food meat). I recommend the “enchiladas con carne” or ….yea thats my all time favorite. So I was looking over the soundtrack for “New Moon” and like others, dumbfounded that so many good artists would agree to this!!! What were they thinking!? Anywho I was surprised that Radiohead’s “15 steps” was on the first soundtrack and even more surprised that Thom Yorke was part of the second. The song is called “Hearing Damage” (a thing the movies dialogue may inflict) which I have come to like. I added it on one of my Pandora stations and became even more surprised when I found another Radiohead song as part of another unexpected soundtrack. It is the acoustic version of “Fake Plastic Trees” and it was on the soundtrack of (drum roll) CLUELESS! Yes, the movie that left you clueless on why you bought a movie ticket for it! lol So I guess this isn’t the first time Radiohead has been featured on a tweeny movie. Hey I just noticed that “Lol’s” are like laugh tracks for writing. Just in case you didnt know if something was suppose to be funny I will let you know! LOL ….LOL.

Below is a playlist of the songs I’ve mentioned on my blog this week:

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