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Call me romantic…a date at Kabooms?!

4 Dec

Kabooms. A gallimaufry of skating, pizza, arcade games, and just pure awesomeness. (By the way, I use random words I learn everyday from my word of the day widget). Today I chaperoned a birthday party at Kabooms and was instantly drawn to a time where skating around in circles was actually amusing. All of the kids were having fun….but I was having more! Part of the fun had to do with the facial expressions of the parents watching their children fall. And, half of the parents did not know that I was a nanny therefore, my persistence in helping all the children appeared to be an act only that of a saint. Because if I saw a stranger teaching my kid how to skate while holding there hands I would not think that was weird at all. I was amazed at how rewarding teaching the kids how to skate was. I actually saw progress in my “walk like a penguin” method of learning how to skate. What is this method? Simple. Anyone can learn how to skate with these simple steps:
1) Ask the beginner if they know what a penguin walks like
2)If so continue to step 3, if not, then have them watch the following video: (1:22 shows the exact tecnique I am speaking of)
3)Tell them to imitate walking like a penguin with their skates on.
4) After a few minutes of practice have them do the penguin walk as if gliding on ice
5) Tell them that making penguin noises help

After cake and pizza the kids went on to the arcade section of Kabooms. I suddenly realized that the gambling industry is becoming more and more aggressive with their propaganda towards the youth. An arcade is really the Disney version of a casino! Oh and just a side note, the claw grabber machines have ipods and ps3’s in them now! As the party died down I began to see more and more similarities between this shiny arcade and a Vegas casino. For instance, there are spotters around the arcade making sure the kids aren’t ‘counting’. Now in blackjack, counting is merely calculating the probability and weighing out the chances of the numbers one bets on due to a highly productive brain and a love for math. In an arcade, counting, is figuring out which game gives out the most tickets. Why would an arcade make a game that’s sole purpose was to only win tickets? Kids are not dumb and are too often underestimated. Once a kid figures out he can win at least 20 tickets just by spinning a wheel versus 5 tickets for shooting some basketball hoops, they will stick to the money maker.

Now to the focus of this post, DATES! For some, they are sweet delectable fruit chews that older people eat to others they are social activities in which two people go out and get to know one another. I am talking about the latter…L. (That wasn’t out loud) I was thinking about awesome dates while at Kabooms after noticing their laser tag room. Now how would laser tag be an awesome date? (How can it not be?) First, an awesome date would start by a classic night of dining at an elegant and formal restaurant. Everybody loves to eat so if anything goes wrong at least you got something right. Afterward, it would be uber fun going to laser tag!!!! I don’t know if its just me, but this sounds like an awesome date because one will naturally feel embarrassed going to an arcade dressed formally (besides being at an arcade over the age of 21). Now, humiliation is a very impressionable human feeling and sharing it with someone else is a simple and easy way to instantly bond. Just having plain fun is the best way to get to know someone and to rule out those who are overly competitive and who are keeping tally of the game. Well that pretty much sums up my thoughts of the day. That is all and this is my blog.

All of this talk of arcades got me in the mood for some Arcade Fire:
This song came up on my shuffle and I forgot how it got there. It was from the awesome compilation cd “Dark was the night”.

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I also came across this Grizzly Bear video. Pretty neat. The artist who did the claymation is Allison Schulnik.