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Jack Nicholson now, or 1974?

3 Jun

Hurricane season just started and all of South Florida was made known of it by a good ole welcome from the rain. It poured like crazy but that didn’t stop me from running my errands…ok yes it did. So I thought it would be a good day to just stay in… grab a beer, order pizza and watch a Hitchcock film. Let me just add that I wasn’t just grabbing any beer…no this was a special beer. See, I’ve developed a bizarre fascination for beer (bizarre because I have no idea where it came from) and so I went out and bought Dogfish Indian Pale Beer and St. Bernardus’ Prior 8. I decided I would give the beer tasting world a shot. Here is how my review sheet looks like now(above) But please stop by in a couple of months to see my improvements lol While the rain poured down and the day grew dark I felt very at peace. Nothing like a good pizza, beer, and some Hitchcock (The Lady Vanishes 1938).
Ebay can be amazing and scary at the same time. It’s your go to for cheap buys, and what’s this… a virgin?? Lol I think this is the hundredth time I’ve heard someone auctioning off their virginity…rumors or facts?! However, Ebay redeems itself with its hidden treasures, one being this original Bell and Howell 780 automatic projector! AHHH! I know!
The seller also included some home films (8mm) that were treasures in themselves. The family that they belonged to were part of the military in 1962 so all of the films were shot in their different posts: Puerto Rico, Panama, Washington D.C. It was quiet amazing even some footage of Kennedy at the grave of the unknown soldier. It came in its original box with the original instructions, projector flash bulb, etc. Such a treasure, I don’t know how this guy let it go! Oh yea and did I mention it was only 30 bucks?
And this is my updated Zach Galifianakis picture for one of my friends…who loves cats lol

Some songs I’m currently obsessed with; the song “Vitamin C” is by a German band from the 70’s. I found this song in a recent Pedro Almodovar film and it blew my ears off. The style is called “Krautrock” which is basically a type of psychedelic-rock?? And then I added Hot Hot Heat just for old times sake.

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