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ILML (I Love My Life)

13 Dec

I love my life! I’m a natural born optimist, always looking to the sky thanking God for another day of life.  I feel that inner peace happy….where it can start raining and you want to dance in it…or your car breaks down and you get to spend time biking instead…lol ok that’d be way to happy but you get my drift. So I recently got a facebook and I’ve noticed a lot of people posting status’ about bad things that happen to them and then they add “FML”…in censored terms “Fudge My Life”. Lol I had to censor that because I never curse. I just never caught on to it so yea any ways I decided to post happy things that happen to me and then write “ILML”. I mean why dwell on the negative…people comment on it and draw more attention to it…like the news! So my goal this New Year? Focusing on the positive things in life! I made a list that I plan to follow:

1. Perform at an open mic night!
2. Learn a couple of songs on the guitar
3. Develop a new hobby…like kite flying….or boxing….or bellydancing?
4. Write my script ideas for movies!
5. Finish working on my website (this children’s book thing…more details to come!)
6. Volunteer
7. Go to the beach everyday…or just more days(lol)
8. Use my bike more!
9. Post more Youtube videos…and maybe show my face? lol
10. Go on a mini roadtrip
11. Take my dog to the dogpark at the beach!
12. Improve my Portuguese
Ok so I feel like its more official now that I wrote down all of my living life goals ha ha. Any who I am currently working on some Christmas gifts and listening to the 2nd best Christmas playlist (#1 being A Charlie Brown Christmas) and that is Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas”.
So beautiful! Here is the playlist:


Clinic – Bubblegum from Alasdair & Jock on Vimeo.

A song a friend shared with me that I can’t get enough of :


You know you love beer when…

27 Feb
A) You start singing before you drink it

B) You take pictures of it like you would a child
C) You taste it like you might a wine before drinking
D) You keep thinking about how great it was the next day….lol ok that’s too much
But what can I say, I’ve fallen in love. Specifically with St. Bernardus’ Apt12. Hmmmm. delishhh!
Just look at it!!!!Isn’t it adorable!?…They grow up so fast. And here’s a haiku about this beer:

Tall, dark and handsome,
Your aroma fills the air
As smooth as tea.

LOL Anyways besides taking pictures of beers and writing them poetry I took some pics of flowers:
Who knows I might go on to take cute calendar pics of dogs too….
Which one is the real one!?!?!?!?
That’s Mr. Winkles!!!…You can seriously become a millionaire for anything these days. Well that is all for now. Ciao!

Lets Laugh More this year…or else?

16 Jan

Which of the following is a laugh?

c)Ha ha ha
d)Hardy Har Har
e)He he he te he te he

It’s a trick! All of them are! Even the one that people use when they think they are going to take over the world! I was just refelcting on laughter the other day. It’s so amazing. It’s like a spontaneous combustion of joy just fluttering out of our bodies in the form of sound waves. It’s joy, happiness, bonding, breaks awkward silences, creates awkward silences, and reveals a part of yourself. I feel that laughter is a way for your soul to be heard by others. It is fears counterpart! I feel that laughter can be misrepresented through cyberspace and other technologies. I always text sarcastic things and am forced to say “LOL” or “Haha” when in reality those are false representations of all the energy I actually put into my laughter. And don’t get me started on forced laughs! What a waste of energy! In a recent unreliable study about laughter it stated that children laugh like a hundred times more a day than adults. And another study suggested that laughter protects your heart from heart attacks! So…laugh…or die! LOL I make my self laugh a lot…its mostly pity laughs when other people don’t laugh at my jokes…HAHAHAHAH! That was real! Even if I am having a bad day I always try to find something funny out of it…that only works sometimes though…like if you get pulled over by a cop and think “this is just my luck…oh well i’ll just start laughing” then the police officer will double your fine and suggests medical attention.

– Don’t feel embarrassed by the sound of your laughter…if anything it will make other people laugh too!

-Always laugh when you feel the need to! Don’t hold it back! Even if you are the only one laughing in a big auditorium where no one else is laughing at the side comments your professor is making (this has happened to me too many times before). Only hold back if its at the expense of someone else that may get hurt or offended…because laughter is meant to work towards the good of humanity!

-Laugh with other people! It increases the duration of the laughter and instantly serves as a bonding moment with other people…even strangers!

-Laugh everyday and try to find ways you can laugh more! Go to a local comedy club, visit comedians sites look up ridiculous viral videos or read funny books!

So anywho random, there’s this thing called “Holy Laughter” and its so amazing. Its when someone is prayed over and they start laughing? I witnessed people laughing their butts off and their faces just illuminated with pure joy and happiness. I wanted to laugh with them and feel what they were feeling! In those moments when you laugh uncontrollably all worries and negative thoughts vaporize and are replaced with a feeling of hope and desire to live without fear. So that’s one of the things I am going to do more of…which will be a lot because I laugh at everything anyways…HAPPY LAUGHING!

The snozzle berries taste like snozzle berries!

31 Dec

…Was the reaction of my sister upon seeing my newly acquired beer book. Oddly enough I found it at the library! Lol I actually was genuinely surprised to find this book amongst books at a place where you find books just because it looked so brand new and fresh and clean. After much thought and checking it out I decided that I was just going to buy it. It is one of the best pieces of literature I have ever laid eyes on. It is fully equipped with pictures, maps, history lessons, and ultimately….life lessons. While flipping through it a “Yard House” menu pamphlet fell out and I think its a sign–Like in the movie “Serendipity” when Kate Beckinsale writes her number in a book for John Cusack to find if destiny permits it!–And I think fate is trying to tell me that I need to try every beer they serve! These are some of the beers I have stumbled upon and must try:
And one day I’m going to wear this shirt while I read this book and listen to this song.
The other day I went on to check out some of their new free mp3’s. Its really a hit or miss situation because you cant preview the songs. Fortunately this time around I downloaded a decent batch which include:

1. French Navy- Camera Obscura
2. 1901- Phoenix
3. Can’t Get Over You- Vivian Girls
4. Meat Step Lively- Thee Oh Sees
5. Rainwater Cassette Exchange- Deerhunter
6. 40 Day Dream- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7. Wicked Blood- Sea Wolf

(BTW: These songs especially sound amazing while taking a walk on the beach)

Today my friend and only follower (Lol) showed me the most amazing videos by Keith Loutit. He creates movies using the tilt shift technique:

Hulkamania from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

So this is the last time I get to say goodnight to 2009!!!! GOOD NIGHTTTT!!!!! You were awesome but 2010 is going to be more awesome!!!!

And here’s that song I’ll be listening to while I read the beer book and wear the beer shirt and drink beer. These guys are amazing!! I got to see them live at the Parker Playhouse and it was the best live show I attended this year.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

25 Dec

I’m about to go to Mass and just wanted to post a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everybody has the most wonderful time with their families and loved ones. I also wanted to post this picture I made for Christmas:

Between two ferns…

And when you get tired of listening to Christmas music and are stuffed with food and need to burn some extra calories here is a little play list of songs I made that get me dancing:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

I’m not an elf, I’m just a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat…

22 Dec

The other day I went to a birthday celebration at “The News” lounge which was pretty neat-o. Betty Davis was being projected onto a wall while the DJ slipped in some MGMT and Phoenix. It was a nice place. It was very suave with a romantic ambiance created by lights streaming over the outside patio of the bar area. I was hanging with my best friend the whole time and basically we kept each other entertained by our everyday conversations and jokes. People insisted that we were either drunk or high but we were neither…only drunk on laughter and high on life!! Point being you don’t have to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to be in a altered state of mind…just breath air!…or get a best friend! Any who, while the night was coming to an end and we had our share of life experiences (such as seeing pimps at the local Denny’s and watching our waiter take a hit in the back corner) I started blabbering. Yes blabbering. Random thoughts kept on popping up in my head and I was mixing conversations with images and I think my friend called me an elf and I suddenly thought…Vulcan’s are like elves! And that’s when I responded “I’m not an elf, I’m a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat!” To demonstrate the similarity between an elf and a Vulcan wearing a Santa hat , I created this image using paint:Today I saw the worst shirt. It had a Christmas tree, a draddle, and a kinara (for Kwanza) and under it is said “As long as I get my Gifts”. First of all, I can’t imagine who would wear that…and then it made me think how politically correct the artist for the shirt was. They included every holiday tradition of the season. And then I started thinking about my Spock drawing and did not want anyone to feel left out, so here’s a little something for my Hanukkah celebrating friends:Unfortunately I do not know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa, but I hope there is someone out there who’d appreciate the diversity I am trying to create through the use of Spock. This is NOT to offend anyone its just meant to make my blog politically correct…
I love cute and nerdy shirts and found the most amazing one at Threadless (which was sold out!) I will hopefully post a blog about making the shirt I mentioned previously in my Martha post which reminds me of this shirt. Wow that was a run-on sentence…kind of like in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book…minus literary thought or inspiration. I had to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez while living overseas in Colombia. My experience in Colombia will come up often because it is a very pivotal point it my life and who I have come to be. I am half Colombian but I did not go there knowing Spanish. So I was the ‘gringa’. At first there was some bickering…like comments on my mixed race lol. It’s strange to say because its nothing compared to the bickering my mother had to go through as a child (being African-Colombian) but it was still impressionable. I now laugh at the bickering because it is so minuscule. Here is an example: I was walking towards the food court after school and two guys who were bothered by the fact that I wasn’t a blonde American came up to me and said “Do you know what the only difference between you and Bimbo?…He’s white and you’re not!” You may be asking…who is Bimbo? Well, he is the Spanish version of the Pillsbury dough boy….I was only really mad they thought that was the ONLY difference…Those reading my blog that have not seen my face must be thinking…wow this girl gets compared to bears a lot…first Ewoks now this!…I will conclude with the awesome sounds of “Miniature Birds” it is cutest video by Grand Archives:

Ewoks and Pinkghost

10 Dec

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (aka when I was in high school) a boy came up to me and stared intently at my face, as if trying to figure out something in his head, and then said “you look like someone,…oh wait you look like an Ewok!” First of all, my sentiments towards Ewoks is pure joy because they are like the undomesticated versions of Snuggle bears but when I was told that I looked like one I naturally became offended! I mean really!? At least say that I look like someone else who is a human! However, I’ve come to see this ‘compliment’ in a different light once I reflected upon the true nature of these furry creatures. Ewoks, though small in stature, have a great amount of bravery. They are intuitive with nature and have a keen sense of curiosity. After all, they did help destroy the shield generator aiding in the destruction of the death star. Now how many people can say that? So, you know what, I’m glad that I look like an Ewok. I am so glad that I am not affected by high school…OH! and if you want to see the cutest thing ever click here.

I did not know that artists have Youtube channels and was surprised to find The Avett Brothers. Their channel is amazing. They have live recordings of themselves playing covers of songs they love and so it goes. They recently favorited a video of an up and coming singer named Samantha Crain. I love how her voice resonates that of classic folk sound:

Today I visited Pinkghost at their new store located in downtown Hollywood. It was very lovely and quaint. As I was browsing I came upon the most amazing USB flash drive. This Saturday they are having a three year anniversary party with a live band and what not. Unfortunately I am helping out at the Miami Music Festival…we’ll see how that goes. Speaking of The Office, (which is the only show I watch besides LOST) I watched a couple of season five episodes today and could not stop laughing at Micheal’s reaction to Toby’s return:

Snuggle Image
Ewok Image